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    Lean Six Sigma

    by / Saturday, 25 July 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

    Lean Six Sigma

    Lean focuses on process streamlining and reducing waste. Six Sigma focuses on reducing the variation in any process. Both Lean and Six Sigma have a common goal which is, process improvement. For this reason Lean and Six Sigma have been integrated and now known as Lean Six Sigma.

    Lean Six Sigma is a business management strategy focused on reducing defects, eliminating wastes and improving quality. It aims at improving efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction in any business process.

    Lean Six Sigma provides the ability to deliver business benefits effectively. Lean Six Sigma competency is highly demanded in the industry (Analytical, Statistical, Facilitation, Project Management Skills etc.).
    Lean Six Sigma learning can impact your future in several ways.

    Keys to Lean Six Sigma

    • Enhanced ability to make the right decisions– Professional and business success depends on this. Lean Six Sigma provides a set of world’s best decision approaches that have proved their worth in a wide variety of settings. It pays to learn these techniques.
    • Personal worth– People who are able to solve key problems systematically are the most sought people in an organizational setting.
    • Engaging others– It is possible for you to facilitate action based team learning if you gain this competence. Lean Six Sigma training is a kind of leadership training.
    • Improvement expertise– You can succeed with process improvement initiatives (in any industry or function) if you begin with the right fundamentals and build up the blocks well over them.

    All the above result in career and business benefits.

    After learning how to interpret and apply the core concepts of Lean Six Sigma, you’ll be well positioned to add value to business operations in a variety of industries