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    Our Current Education System Needs some change Now…

    by / Tuesday, 17 May 2016 / Published in Latest posts

    I really wonder, when in my life I am going to use the principles of Trigonometry, Algebra, Differentiation, integration, Calculus, so many derivations learnt in Physics, the entire Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, None of those studies and hardwork is utilized till date…..

    I am not against the education but truly our education system needs to more refined and more focused on Practical Knowledge which makes us ready to work and give us some skills to be utilized in our corporate lives. It should impart the confidence that yes we are Ready …. Corporate Ready …. More of the Live Projects from Corporate should be included….

    In today’s scenario after studying and studying hard for 15-18 years as well, after the education is over and when we start to find a job and if we gets one …. we again need to start learning … Why can’t these learning, techniques and methods incorporated in our curriculum during our studies, so major of our time and organization’s time is saved and we are in the position to start utilizing our knowledge from Day 1….

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    A country like India with minimalistic resources should not waste the time of youth with obsolete Education System ….

    Till our Education System is refined …. It is the duty of the youth to get the hold of their Career….