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    Maxim Consultants is close association with Indore Management Association organized a workshop on The Lean way to Improve efficiency for organizations. Reputed organizations like John Deere, National Steels, Mahindra Two Wheelers, Shakti Pumps and many more participated to learn the Lean way and implement in various departments to increase efficiency and manage a World Class

    Celebrating Women Extraordinaire

    Wednesday, 15 June 2016 by

    It feels great when your struggle is recognized, you have a audience who gets inspired by your journey.. iDiva was organized and invited us to share our story. It was not easy to leave a well established job to follow your dream…. It seems a dream come true when we started Six Sigma trainings here

    I really wonder, when in my life I am going to use the principles of Trigonometry, Algebra, Differentiation, integration, Calculus, so many derivations learnt in Physics, the entire Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, None of those studies and hardwork is utilized till date….. I am not against the education but truly our education system needs to

    Session on Business Transformation

    Tuesday, 01 March 2016 by

    Maxim Consultants together with Acropolis and IEN organized a session on Business Transformation exclusively for Women Entrepreneurs of Indore. A journey from Good to great and Local to Global, a session to help you design the roadmap for your Business, work in a right direction, work with strategic planning and above all work with a